Computer Repair & Upgrades

Repair Services

Providing Repair for all Computer Makes and Models

Setting up new PC's & Laptops

Virus and spy-ware removal and protection.

Software installation

(Anti-Virus and Anti Spy-ware)

Printer installation

Memory upgrades

Hard Drive upgrades

Operating system installation and upgrades

(9X, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Migrating data from an old system to a new system

Consultation on achieving optimal performance

with your budget in mind


Let us clean-up & speed-up your computer
Inspect & clean your hardware
(fans, power supply, boards, case, etc.)
Remove obsolete and temporary data files
Remove empty directories and zero-length files
Remove unnecessary items from the initial system startup
Complete Virus, Spy-ware, & Ad-ware Scan
Free Installation of Anti-Virus & Anti Spy-ware software
Removal (or Disable) of any unnecessary

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy-ware applications

Free Installation of Computer “Tuning” software


In some instances where virus infection is too extensive, requiring a complete re-installation of Windows

Additional charges may apply

If the Windows operating system is replaced,

We will retain User data ONLY

(ie. Documents,Music,Pictures,Videos.)

However, most user-added programs

(Internet, Printer drivers, non-system applications, games, etc.) would require re-installation by the user.

Outlook &/or Outlook Express Emails, Address Book,

Password files, are NOT recovered in this procedure.

No additional changes will be made to the system

(replacing Windows or repairing/replacing defective hardware) without prior customer approval.


If you prefer, I can connect and repair your system by remote

Click button below and you will be redirected to my remote page

For further Information



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